Create your own Interative Device

Coding? No, it’s not necessary at all!

QuickBLE is a development board for DIY interactive device. A personal interative device can be built up instantly through easy connection and App configuration!

  • Support various common sensor modules
  • Plug and Run
  • Multiple output connectors
  • Monitoring sensor status via mobile apps in real time
  • More sensors will be supported in the future through firmware upgrade

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QuickBLE supports various common sensors, and it features multiple output connectors. Users can be creative to build up personalized interactive devices depending on their applications!


  • Buzzer x1: Buzzer sounds are configurable
  • USB2.0 Port(500mA) x2:You may connect LED lamps, electric fans, or even a series of QuickBLE!
  • Relays x2: You may connect motors, electric fans (Max:12A/250VAC、15A/120VAC、15A/24VDC)
  • 5V Port x1: You may connect it to external circuit
  • Be sure to pay attention to electrical safety!


  • Temperature/Humidty sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Ultrasonic distance sensor
  • illuminometer
  • Human infrared sensing module
  • Reflactive infrared randing module
  • Soil moisture sensor
  • Sound sensor
  • PM2.5 sensor


  • MicroUSB Port, 5V 1A

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Some applications of QuickBLE...

QuickBLE Smart home

1.PIR human detection 2.Clap sensor 3.Ultrasonic detection 4.Light sensor 5.Temperture sensor

QuickBLE application

1.Clap sound 2.Soil moisture 3.Ultrasonic distance

DIY warning device

Infrared reflective ranging sensor

Turn on the light and buzzer, when the door is opened

DIY shoe cabinet light

Ultrasonic distance sensor

Turn on the lamp,
when someone close to the shoe cabinet

Interactive toy car

Reflactive infrared randing module

When your hand moves close to the sensor, the car will move forward.

Night Lamp

Luminous intensity sensor

Night lamp will be automatically turned ON when the main lamp is turned OFF.

Automatic cooling device

Temperature sensor

When temperature is too high, the electric fan will be turned ON for cooling.


QuickBLE is simple and easy when you follow the steps below!

~Step 1~
In the app, choose the sensor that you are using, and check the wiring diagram

~Step 2~
Connection - Power, sensors, and peripherals

~Step 3~
Turn on Bluetooth, connect to QuickBLE

~Step 4~
Set up trigger criteria and the output unit

~Last step~
Send out the configuration, start using the interactive device!

~Monitoring measured data in real-time~
Get data for measurement in real-time monitoring

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Please contact us if you are interested in QuickBLE, and feel free to share your idea and feedback!